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Smoking and Lung Disease
Learn about COPD, a serious lung disease usually caused by smoking.

New QuitKeyAŽ Your Key to Smoke-free Life
Tiny keychain computer. By LifeSignAŽ: 1,000,000 plus units sold. Proven with NIH grants, drug-free, and offers a personalized and gradual reduction program.

Cigarrest - Smoking Quit
Accept no imitation. Try the original Cigarrest to quit smoking and to remain smoke-free for life. Our patented homeopathic formula will make you a non-smoker in as little as seven days.

Quit Smoking
Introducing our premium plus kit - only available here. Leading all-natural smoking cessation product. Millions have turned to it - how about you? Save up to $45 per kit for a limited time.

Quit Smoking Herbal Patch
The Nicocure patch is an all natural safe quit smoking aid. Eliminate all cravings for nicotine in 30 days or less.

How to Quit Smoking With QuitNic
Smoking is part habit, part addiction and part psychological dependence. Unless you have the right tools to deal with each aspect, you'll have a rough time quitting. Click here for more.

Quitting Smoking
Quit smoking for good in 38 minutes. Guaranteed to work or your money back. Dr. Grossman has helped 300,000+ people just like you stop smoking through hypnosis, and he will help you too.

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About.com: Smoking Cessation
Links to resources, articles, and more on quitting smoking.

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