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Tobacco Etiology Research Network
Conducts research on the causes and effects of tobacco dependence and addiction.

Online community and Quit Wizard personalized program to help with quitting smoking.

Web-based Smoking Cessation Study
Provides access to a smoking cessation research study conducted by UCSF and UCSD. The intention is to obtain information about the needs of smokers on the Web who wish to quit.

Motivation, education and online support forum geared for cold turkey nicotine cessation.

World Conference on Tobacco OR Health
Unites professionals concerned about the global epidemic of diseases from tobacco use in support comprehensive global efforts aimed at reducing world tobacco use.

CDC's Tobacco Information & Prevention Sourcepage
Contains tobacco-related news, research, smoking cessation information, educational materials, Surgeon General's Reports, and TIPS 4 Youth.

CHAMPSS - Children Helping and Motivating Parents to Stop Smoking
Contains tips for children to help their parents quit smoking including a message board and ecards presented by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

Circle of Friends
Movement of support and understanding for all women who smoke or anyone who cares about a female smoker and wants to help them quit.

Fair Enough
Showcases anti-smoking commercials based on real-life Big Tobacco brainstorm documents.

Harmful Effects of Smoking, The
A student's investigation into the effects of filters and low-tar cigarettes.

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